New Stock Arrival

We have just received the first part of a new stock order. We now have in the following:

-Synthetic Ponytails ranging from $30-$45 (They are LONG!)
-More synthetic weave
-A new range of Bohyme Premium clip-in hair Extensions (Prices to be advised)
-24 inch 100% Human hair is back in limited supply

Come down to our shop to check out the new items.

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What to do if I swim without securing my hair extensions and see a mess when I get out of the water.

If you do run into trouble and swim without properly securing your hair extensions you will probably be in for a bit of work. Do not attempt to brush your hair out while wet. You will have to leave it till it dries out. Here is what I can suggest for your best bet at not completely stuffing up your hair.

1) Rinse the salt/ chlorine out as best you can.
2) Spray in some leave in treatment.
3) Wait until your hair is dry before attempting any type of brushing or combing out. You are going to have to look ugly for a while as your punishment so deal with it.
4) When your hair is dry begin to comb from the ends up. This process could take many hours depending on the severity of the tangling.
5) Stay calm at all times as you may get the feeling of just chopping all of your hair off. It really isn’t worth it.
6) You will now have a chance to fix your hair, if it feels crunchy and gross you can wash and condition your hair, it may be a good time to deep condition/ treatment your hair.

You can fix your hair if you do get it extremely tangled but it will take some work, if you cannot manage you should take yourself back to whoever installed your hair and ask them if they can fix it for you, or have them remove the extensions and start again.

Swimming With Hair Extensions

Beach hair is fun and absolutely hot but in truth, those pictures you see of beach hair are anything but beachy. The number of people I have had come down after ruining their hair from swimming in their extensions is staggering. The main response I get when I ask how this was done is “I wanted that beachy hair look and I swam without tying up my hair”


The best way to protect your hair when at the beach or pool would be not to swim at all however this really defeats the purpose of going there in the first place so may not be a suitable option.

Here are some other ways you may be able to swim and protect your hair extensions.

1) Swimming cap- wrap your hair under the cap, if you have longer extensions braid them and tuck under the cap

2) Not dunking your head under the water

3) Braiding your hair and swimming- this would be the best option for most as you don’t have to wear caps and have the option of swimming without the worry of not getting your whole head wet. I would suggest braiding the hair into 2 or more braids and securing at both ends of the braid. Spray some leave in conditioner or smooth some conditioner through your hair so it has a little bit of protection.

When you get out of the pool or beach, rinse out the salt water/ chlorine and leave your hair until it dries a bit. Taking braided hair out when completely wet can also cause tangles, especially in longer hair. If you wait till your hair is dried in the braid you should get a bit of wave to your hair that will give you that beachy wave look.

A Few Statements On Hair

This information has been collected over many years and after much investigation. We have contacted and met with many people within the hair extension process around the world and have collected this information from these meetings. There is much information out there on the internet and in the hair salons with much of it being absolute rubbish. We have decided to put together a list of things you should be thinking of when it comes to the purchase of hair extensions. the list will be spread between several posts because there is alot of information to share.

“European hair is much softer to the touch than Asian hair, But is extremely hard to come by and extremely expensive. expect to be paying several thousand dollars for the hair alone in some instances. This hair is suitable for those who will not be coloring or chemically processing their hair. This is because European hair has a finer strand, thus being less tolerant to chemical processing. The hair color should be between dark brown to dark blonde.”

“Anyone selling extreme length hair that is platinum blonde and trying to palm it off as Virgin European Hair should be avoided at all costs. Either they do not know what they are selling or they are just plain lying. Platinum blonde hair is very rare in the human population and is almost always extremely fine. This means the hair will have a hard time growing to any lenght suitable for extensions.”

“Have you noticed how some sellers of hair call the darker curlier shades of hair Italian or Spanish? Yes, there are many people of Mediterranean background with dark hair, but why is it always of the same curl pattern and why is it always curly??? There are many Spanish, Italian, Greek and other Mediterranean people who have straight hair, why would only those with curly hair sell it?”

“Asian hair will generally be thicker in texture. This is manly only apparent in Chinese/Oriental origin hair, Indian hair on the other hand is thinner and pretty much indistinguishable to European. People can get away with wearing all hair types so do not let just this determine your final decision.”

“People who make statements like “Asian hair is inferior to European hair” should also be avoided if they are selling hair. This is just not the case. In fact, Asian hair is far superior to european hair structurally as it is a thicker strand with much thicker and denser cuticle layering. This equates to the following:
1)The hair is able to grow to longer lengths without breakage.
2)Denser cuticle means the hair will not tangle as easily, the hair is much silkier as the cuticle does not open.
3)because there is more cuticle, the hair can withstand harsher processing.
4)This denser cuticle also means that chemicals that penetrate into the hair will find it harder to escape, meaning colours will have a longer life and likewise, so will perms and straightenings.”


EUROPEAN QUALITY- Typically hair of Indian origin processed to mimic European hair. Good quality Stuff with cuticle in tact.
REMY/REMI HAIR- Hair of any origin which still has its cuticle layer.
VIRGIN HAIR- Hair of any origin which has never had any chemical processing. This means the person who this hair came from never dyed or chemically processed their hair.
YAKI HAIR- Hair that has been processed to mimic the look and feel of relaxed Afro hair.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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Hair Extensions Care and Styling Tips

DIY Hair Extension Removal

With the onset of DIY hair extension kits, has come the need for proper training for removal. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people who have used one of these kits only to completely wreck their hair because there were little to no appropriate removal instructions.

The worst type of hair extensions for this in my experience have been the bonded in types. There are a myriad of removal procedures and removal solutions and not all will work with one another. the best thing to do would be to seek the advice of someone with appropriate experience removing hair extensions. It takes a bit of practice to get the procedure right and can be beneficial to pay to have them removed the first time so you not only save your own hair, but also have the skills to do it by carefully watching the remover of the hair extensions.

Once you feel you have the skill to remove the hair extensions begin SLOWLY. There is no need to try to remove the hair extension bonds as quickly as the professional and if you are in a hurry, well you should have left yourself enough time so shame on you!!!

But in all seriousness, there is no need to rush the procedure, actually it may be best to remove the hair extensions over a few sessions.
Here are my reasons for doing so.

1) It can really hurt your hands when you have to remove hair extensions.
2) You will most probably experience the “Im bald and ugly” syndrome often reported by hair extension wearers upon removal (especially in one sitting). Removing hair extensions in this way may greatly reduce this unfortunate occurrence.
3) You may need some help removing your hair extensions especially from the back of your head, removing the ones you can get to easily will save friends time and leave more time for the friendship :)

Removing Hair Extensions

When it comes time to remove your hair extensions the best thing to do would be to make a return visit to the place which installed your hair to have them remove it for you, they will have had experience with proper removal of your hair extensions, and so would be your safest bet.

When you make an appointment to have your hair extensions removed please be aware of the following

1) You may have to pay for the removal of the hair extensions, this is because it is a service which can take up to several hours to perform depending on the method used.
2) You may have to book in advance for this service for the reason listed above, do not leave it till the last minute to try and get an appointment for removal. Your installing salon may not have the time to take your appointment on the spot, I would suggest booking in an appointment 1 week before
3) Some salons may offer to remove and re install on the same day, others may suggest a rest period between installs to give your scalp and hair time to be without the hair extensions,

How Long Should I Keep In My Hair Extensions?

When you have your hair extensions installed, your installer should inform you of the amount of time you can safely have your new hair in for. The amount of time will vary greatly between methods and depending on your hair density and thickness. Please listen carefully to the information they supply you with, and if they do not tell you, ask them as this is where most people run into problems involving hair loss and breakage.

As a general guide i would suggest the following. these times are what i would suggest as being suitable, your installer may give differing information, if they are to give times which are drastically longer than those given here, i would seriously question their judgement especially if their suggested times are over double those shown here.

Strand by strand bonded in extensions– No longer than 12 weeks. If you have finer hair, this may even be reduced to 8 weeks.

Braided in individual loose extensions– 8-12 weeks less if alot of slippage is occurring.

Microring extensions– no longer than 8 weeks

Sew in wefts– 4 to 6 weeks depending on hair texture, usually straighter texture hair will unravel the attachment point causing slippage, you want to remove the hair sooner if this occurs to prevent damage to your hair.

Tape in wefts– Depending on the type of tape used this could be anywhere from a few days, to 6 weeks, you should be told by your installer how long the tape should be expected to hold for.

Quickweave hair extensions– 1-3 weeks depending on hair texture and scalp oiliness. Typically Caucasian and Asian hair textures will be installed for a lesser period of time than Afro texture hair.

Clip in hair extensions– These extensions are to be worn for the day and taken out before you go to bed, getting in the habit of sleeping in the extensions is not good and can cause considerable damage to your hair and to your sleep.

You always have the option to shorten the time you have the hair extensions in for if you feel you need. do not wait for the full time suggested if you notice any excessive slippage or breakage in your own hair, at the end of the day the well being of your hair is what matters most and every persons experience with hair extensions will be different.

Whats Been Happening

Hi all,

Well we are up and running in the new location and getting used to all of the space compared with our small prison cell… The shop is still coming together and there is so much room for expansion.

Been lazy with updating the new products to the on-line shop but they will be up shortly.

Here are some shots of the new shop.